Are you searching for Joy and Happiness?

Lecture 1: Are You Happy with Your Life?

All people want to live a life of happiness. However, there are so many unhappy people in the world. What could be the cause of people’s unhappiness even though an affluent living environment has developed through the progress of science? Where and how can one attain genuine happiness?

Lecture 2: The Path and Purpose of Life

Why was I born? Where did I originate from and where will I go? Does God exist? Does the world after death exist? We have clearly solved the fundamental questions regarding life and the universe which humanity has struggled to know throughout human history.

Lecture 3: The Cause of Unhappiness and the Secret to Happiness

In every person, the original mind that desires goodness and the evil mind that desires wickedness are engaged in a fierce battle within the same individual. Why has something like this happened? What is the root of evil and what is the identity of evil, which pulls us towards the path of sin? Without knowing and resolving these issues, there is no guarantee that one can receive happiness.

Lecture 4: The End of Days

In which direction is humanity going? When is the end of days and when will the cataclysm happen? What is the true meaning of the prophecies of the end of days? The end of days does not mean a time of despair and hopelessness but is actually trying to tell you that that a time of hope has arrived.

Lecture 5: What is Resurrection?

Resurrection of the dead is a message of hope and happiness for us. However, rational modern-day thinkers have not perceived or accepted it in this way. With the true meaning of life and death and the clarification of resurrection of the dead, we invite you to a world of new truth that will guide you towards a bright future.

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